Dating and work

Pre-script: Don’t judge. At least, not until you’ve read the whole post! There are some stark similarities between the two areas of life that take up a large part of our lives: Work and Marriage. Preposterous, some might say, as I compare a holy institution with a platonic one. While some others ponder which one […] Banking on just a Karishma

Here’s a 1 sentence review of for the Busy reader: AVOID them for now, they’re learning at the customer’s expense & don’t seem to be ready for PrimeTime! — A Short review of, for those who like Bulleted lists: Pricing: There are discounts but the items I needed had none  Shipping charges: Free COD available: Yes, but orders […]

The office door that splits us

“There’s a fine gentleman I know at work, he’s soft spoken, well mannered & very courteous. He acknowledges people around him, never cuts them short & seems to give everyone their space. I saw him at the supermarket the other day, and though he looked the same, he seemed quite different. He was pushing his shopping cart […]

Buying an apartment in Bangalore

Have been thinking of writing this up for some time now, as a logical companion to my “Renting a house in Bangalore” post. These are some questions I had, when I decided to explore buying an apartment. I hope these would be useful for someone in a similar situation. An entire book can be written […]

Best wishes for 2009

As we start this new year, if there’s one word that comes to my mind, its “Hope”. Hope that the world would come out of the chaos into greens of harmony … Hope that we’ll, once again, feel safe when we step out of our homes … Hope that the world would learn its lessons […]

Renting a house in Bangalore

I know this is going to be a marathon post, the experience was no less, believe me. My intent of writing this is to share my experience of renting an apartment in Bangalore, might come in handy for someone going through a similar search. The facts stated are true for Bangalore only, and not necessarily […]