Places that showcase knowledge

Never been to museums much, atleast in the last few years. Visited a few as a kid and hardly remember anything from those visits, I do have some faint memories of the Nehru Planetarium and Rail Museum in Delhi. Thought let’s give it a shot one more time. Visited the MIT museum in Cambridge last […]

My Review: Anwar

I’m glad some film makers still put their money in projects like this. It keeps the non-commercial stream of Cinema alive, the stream in which artistics decisions are backed by artistic reasons, rather than by mass-Junta’s acceptance. In short, Anwar is an artistic expression that doesn’t conform with typical cinema but is a pleasant change […]

Festive Blues

Oh it’s a time for joy & happiness ….Of celebrations, parties and letting go But my heart, it seldom obeys rules ….It wants to let Joy decide when it wants to flow If joyous times and sad times were in our hands ….We wouldn’t ever want to undergo the latter But life’s not like that, […]

Don Remixed

Spotted at a multiplex in Gurgaon … An interesting translation of the famous dialogue from The Original Don: “Don ka intezar toh gyarah mulkon ki police bhi kar rahi hai, par Don ko pakadna mushkil hee nahi namumkin hai”

A matter of respect

Theres always an argument when we compare culture of India with that of the West. The general perception is “kids in India are taught to respect more than those in the West”. I dont agree; in fact have beliefs to the exact contrary. I believe Indians respect age while in the west, individuality is respected. […]

Its raining Chemists

Last week, I was out to buy a few medicines & suddenly realized that in last few weeks, more than 10 chemist stores/pharmacy stores had setup shop around the area where I live. There were four pharmacies in the same market complex itself, one of them newly opened. Well, buying medicines is going to be […]