These are the some of the domains and systems I have worked on. Please expand each domain to view the projects for it.

Digital marketing
  • Data & analytics pipeline: Collection of ad serving events, aggregation and make them available for reports
  • Ad delivery control: a system that gathers stats about ads served to create a feedback loop that can controls future ad delivery. This works in a distributed ad serving environment and allows for budget and serving thresholds to be maintained.
  • Creative management: Part of a larger system, this sub-system allows creation and management of Ads and creative assets (images, videos, scripts). These Ads can then be trafficked for website placement.
  • 3rd party Ads: a rules based system that allows macros to be inserted in 3rd party ad code. These macros have a variety of uses, from cache busting to click counting.
  • Campaign migration: a system that enabled transformation and migration of advertising data from one company’s system to another. The system supported push and pull workflows, both singular and bulk.
  • Campaign management: a system that enabled management of campaigns, ads and targeting for a large search advertising system.


Capital markets (equity trading)
  • Order router: a high throughput router that routed equity orders between trading systems, using FIX protocol. This is used by trading systems, intermediaries and stock exchanges for inter-connectivity. It allowed non-technical users to manage order routing rules. I worked on two generations of this system: the legacy one and the redesigned system.
  • Order management: an order router which included order management and trade settlement & regulatory reporting interfaces.


  • IVR App Platform: a system that enabled creation of IVR applications and provisioning them for inbound and outbound calls. This worked with multiple underlying platforms and enabled call throttling. It also allow business customers to view and download call data records (CDRs).
  • Agent monitoring: a call monitoring and recording system for a Cisco CTI-based call center.
  • Remote monitoring: a Java applet-based streaming solution that allowed live call monitoring over the web. This is useful for account managers who outsource to the call centres.
  • Agent desktop: a CTI (computer telephony integration) desktop application that allows call centre agents to control their Cisco VoIP phones. This application also enabled CRM integration.
  • Floor management: a system that allows administrators to see a real-time view of a call-center floor, segregated by process (aka account). It displays a real-time status for each desk (In Call, waiting, Break, Free) and allows shift planners & administrators to optimize the floor utilisation.


Stored Value
  • Stored Value Service: a generic RESTful web service which provides storage and management of stored value. It could be used for loyalty points, gift cards etc.
  • Stored Value Gateway: a RESTful web service which provided standard interfaces for storage/management and redemption of stored value. It allowed Adapters to be plugged in, which implemented these interfaces. This exposed earn and burn of multiple stored value like loyalty points, airline miles, gift cards etc, in the payment path using a standard interface.


  • Coupon Admin Tool: a system that allows coupons to be created. It allowed marketing managers to define coupon restrictions and usage limits, and supported both public and private coupons.


  • File Encryption: a desktop application that allowed users to encrypt files. Encryption keys were managed at a central server.
  • Billing for Encryption service: a billing system that allowed clients to be billed for using the encryption service (SaaS model). This included a flat fee and usage-based charges.


  • eProcurement system: A system that automated the entire end-to-end procurement workflow. This system was multi-tenant ready and worked in a SaaS (aka Application service provider) model.


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